Jersey Girl – Lemon Drop Lager

  • Style: India Pale Lager (IPL)
  • ABV: 4.5%

“Jersey Girl Brewing Company craft beer business was started in 2014 by friends Charles Aaron and Mike Bigger who both have a great love for craft beer. Their love of beer opened their eyes to the rich beer culture in NJ. Changes in New Jersey law made the idea starting a microbrewery in New Jersey attractive.

Jersey Girl Brewing is not what we are, but what we love. Our inspiration comes from the true essence of a Jersey Girl. A Jersey Girl is complex, deep, layered, bitter, sweet, subtle, and sophisticated. Ain’t nothing in the world like a Jersey Girl Beer….

They chose to build the brewery in their home town of Mount Olive New Jersey to brew the beers that they love and want to drink. This will become a place where they could invite their friends to sample and drink along with them.” Jersey Girl Brewing

This beer pours clean, and golden in color. A big fluffy head leaves spotty lacing behind every sip. Yeast, and citrus fill the air the moment you crack into this can. Flavors of lemon, black pepper, grass, and biscuit are noticed first, with secondary flavors of grapefruit, pine, and resin as it warms. This is what everyone should be drinking this summer! The clean crisp body of a lager and the juiciness of a hazy IPA. I think India Pale Lagers should be the new crazy, and I predict in the near future that they will be. Hop on this band wagon now!

Bottoms up!

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