SixPoint – Citrus Jammer

  • Style: Gose Ale brewed with sea salt as well as lemon and lime
  • ABV: 4%
  • pH: 3.4

Sixpoint Citrus Jammer is apart of their Jammer series, which is a series of Gose style beers, with Jammer being the base beer to these variants. This 125 calorie beer is made with all natural ingredients and real juice. An aggressive pour yields a 2in. white head with good retention. Pours an ever so slightly hazy, straw to golden color. Nice fresh, zingy, ripe lime aroma, and a hint of honey that at first seems out of place but truly mingles well with the citrus. Fresh, bright, non-artificial zesty lime and lemon flavors upfront. Salt gets the juices flowing and keeps me coming back to it, and a little yeasty funkiness that I associate with a fresh pour of the Gose style. Light body, good carbonation and tangy citrus fruit flavor. A mild tartness keeps you wanting that next sip. There is just enough sour tartness to keep it in balance and not letting it become too fruity. This is overall a fantastic sipper. Very well balanced, clean, and true to its style. Its refreshing to say the least, and doesn’t come across as syrupy, or with fake flavors. You can honestly tell they use real fruit juice in this which always draws me in for more. Hot day at the beach or pool? This is going to be your beer.

Bottoms up!

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