Ommegang – Brut IPA

  • Style: Brut IPA
  • ABV: 6.3%
  • IBU: 49

Here is a brewery I feel has never lost their way – staying true to their style, and their customers. A brewery that is easy to give brand loyalty to. They never walked away from their core line-up. They know they have good beers and they know they have customers that love those beers. They always stayed focused on their local markets and never put local enthusiasts on the back burner while they build giant breweries all over the country or even the world. And they know how to stay relevant by innovation. While many focus on beers dominated by heavy post fermentation flavorings, Ommegang still manages to pull off balance – something of a lost art in recent times.

Here is a beer by Ommegang, which is somewhat of a newer style, and I hope makes it into their core line-up some day. Their Brut IPA is Dry-hopped with Mandarina Bavaria, Citra and Calypso hops, and bottle conditioned in their cellar. If you don’t know, a Brut-IPA is brewed just like any IPA but with the addition of an enzyme called Amyloglucosidase, or AMG for short. This enzyme was typically used in stouts with a high gravity to lighten the body. Without getting too scientific, AMG does exactly does exactly that, it lightens, and dries out the body given it a champagne bubbly esque feel.

This beer opens with an array of clean fruit aromas ranging from citrus – like lemon and oranges, and then transcends into a floral, bubblegum aroma. It pours a slightly hazy yellow, with a super fizzy head that is patchy and scattered. Flavors of floral bouquet’s, lemon drops, chamomile, and a hint of black pepper strike first, with secondary flavors of raw dough on the back, ending with a mild and dry bitterness. The body is extremely airy, and sharp with moderate to high carbonation. I believe this to be a great example of what a great Brut-IPA should be. It was very bright and refreshing. It would definitely make a great day crusher. I’m excited to see more breweries making these, and brewing better quality of the style. I’m very intrigued and can’t wait to try more. This is the 3rd Brut-IPA I’ve had and so far 2 out of the 3 have been delicious. I will certainly be trying more of this style in the very near future. Don’t be afraid to try something new, and don’t write something off right away if you don’t like it the first time around. I suggest starting with Ommegang if you want to see what a Brut-IPA is like.

Bottoms up!

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