Hermit Thrush – Gin Barrel Saison (Barr Hill Tom Cat Gin Barrels)

  • Style: Gin Barrel Aged Sour Saison
  • ABV: 6.5% ABV

When I’m not drinking beer, you’ll probably catch me drinking Gin or Bourbon. So when I found out Hermit Thrush made a gin barrel aged Saison, I got excited. And once I found out the barrel that was used was Barr Hill’s Tom Cat Gin barrels, I was super excited! Barr Hill’s Tom Cat Gin is their gin which is then aged in new American oak barrels giving it a bourbon like characteristic, and its one of my favorite gins to have around.

OK, lets get to the beer. This beer poured a deep gold to an amber color, with an off white sporadic head. The nose was floral, herbal, and spicy with soft notes of honey. Flavors of lavender, baking spice, funk, and berries were most dominant upfront. Secondary flavors consisted of light oak, honey, and saline. The finish was dry, and tart. More tartness than I expected, honestly. It had high carbonation, and a medium body. Overall this beer was excellent and wildly unique. If you’re not a fan of funk, or sour, you may not enjoy this beer all that much. If you are tired of the same mundane beers out there right now and want to try something different, this beer is absolutely for you! I suggest sitting down with some cow’s milk cheese and pairing it with this beer. The beers acidity will cut right through the fattiness of the cheese, and won’t mute any flavors.

Bottoms up!

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