Lupulin Brewing – Hooey

“Lupulin Brewing is a family owned and family run craft brewery. Jeff and Matt did not go out and hire an outside head brewer to brew beer for them. All of the recipes are created by the founders and are still brewed with the same care and craft spirit that survived in the “garage era” of Lupulin Brewing. You will often find multiple family members helping to pour pints on Friday nights in the taproom, along with Jeff’s son Aaron (who Jeff and Matt sent to apprentice at a brewery in Stockholm, Sweden before the brewery opened) taking care of many of the day to day operations around the brewery like cleaning kegs and tanks and helping out with brewing.” Lupulin Brewing

Lupulin Brewing is located in Big Lake, MN  and Hooey is one of their delicious hazy IPA’s that they brew year round. It’s hopped with a mammoth amount of the juiciest hops out there. And just so you get the most hop flavor possible, they intentionally leave yeast and hop oils in the beer by not filtering them out. This beer opens up with tropical fruit notes and pine. It has a big notes of orange peel, mango, grapefruit, tangerine, melon, lemon, and pineapple. Flavor profile runs parallel to its aroma with subtle notes of Earthiness, and pine resin. To balance out the bitterness there is some malty hints of caramel, cracker, grains, and fresh baked bread on the back-end. It’s medium bodied with a moderate amount of carbonation. And it poured a hazy golden yellow, with a big two finger sized head that settles into a thin patch. Overall this beer was just right. Not too bitter and not too sweet. The malt sweetness balanced out the hop bitterness. And the present fruit notes gave off the impression of sweetness without making it any sweeter and keeping the finish dry and balanced. This is definitely a hazy juice bomb.

Bottoms up!

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