Blackberry Farm Brewery – Quad

  • Style: Quadrupel
  • ABV: 8.75%
  • IBU: 17

“In keeping with the sense of place at Blackberry Farm, our brewery and processes are rooted in centuries old traditions. We are respectful of the time honored methods of making beer, while constantly pushing the boundaries to employ modern techniques to enhance the complexity of our releases.

We create beers for a moment. Whether it is celebrating a special occasion, pairing with fine food, recreating, or just enjoying the day. The right beer is the perfect complement to marks life’s moments both big and small.

Our bottled beers utilize a natural re-fermentation in the bottle, which produces a soft and pleasant carbonation. Every bottle that leaves our brewery has been conditioned in our temperature controlled cellar to ensure that you get the highest quality with each pour.

Our can line is designed to feel youthful and bold. These beers are about recreating, connecting and enjoying an active lifestyle. Each can features label artwork from Southern artists who have a relationship with Blackberry Farm. The labels have their own unique personality, much like the beer.” – Blackberry Farm

blackberry farm lab.jpeg

100% bottle re-fermented, and unfiltered…this beer poured a dark creation that played within the deep ruby brown end of the spectrum with garnet hues, and a bit of cloudiness. The head was big and sporadic/not full/weak/loose, and it dissipated fairly quick. It is a full bodied beer with medium to high carbonation. Aromas upfront of raisin, prunes, dates, dried fig, and dried apricots. Behind all that you got a nice hint of flaky bread, caramel, and toffee. Flavors coincided with aromas with a malty and rich palate of fresh apple cider, slight funk, tart black cherry, fig, dates, pecans, toasted biscuit, baked pear and brown sugar, plum jam, and a slight acidic tartness. I didn’t get much spiciness in this Quad which can be typical of the style. Sweet on the palate and through the finish, with a low bitterness, and hardly any, if any, perceived alcohol.

A lot of fresh fruit in this one. Definitely on the sweeter side, but the sweetness was balanced out really well with the acidity. The alcohol is low enough and doesn’t show through, and the body is thin enough where I would drink this one fresh rather than waiting. I personally would have liked to have seen a bit more of those yeasty spice notes typical in Belgian beers. Rich, malty, and jammy fruit flavors that are cut through nicely with a mild acidity still will keep this beer interesting!

Bottoms up!

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