Foreign Objects – Future Sight

Style: Session IPA

ABV: 4.2%

Foreign Objects is sort of a reunion for the former two co-founders of Seattle’s Urban Family Brewing, Sean Bowman and Tim Czarnetzki, returned to their East Coast roots to once again team up with Steve D’Eva, who formerly earned acclaim during a stint as Urban Family’s head brewer. Meanwhile, D’Eva’s already had experience working for the beloved Pennsylvania brewery, Tired Hands Brewing, where he started his beer career as their executive Chef. The brand doesn’t really have a permanent home just yet. They’ve been operating as a “gypsy brewery,” producing its beers on equipment at Shmaltz Brewing in Clifton Park, New York. After trying this beer, its very clear that these fellas have experience in the brewing field and are well versed at their trade. Be on the look out for these beers…they’re definitely not to miss with eight of the brands twelve beers having ratings better than four out of five on Untappd, and their beer Mind/Body/Light/Sound is currently ranked as the 18th best New England IPA in the world! foreign objects WEB.png

Upon pouring this beer a bright murky orange colored body filled the glass, with a white fluffy head filling the top inch or two of the glass. This head quickly dissipated. Strong aromatics of freshly squeezed ruby grapefruit juice, cut grass, pine, and orange peel filled my nose. My mouth began to water as the aromas whet my curiosity for what was about to come. I took one small sip, and then two big gulps, and noticed that everything was really light. It began with light flavors of candied orange peel, herbal tea notes, pine cones, onion, and grapefruit all up front. The fresh fruit flavors made this beer seem a tad sweet, but in fact it finished dry with a strong piney bitterness that lingered around for a little while. The body was really light with a medium/high carbonation which led this beer to be super crisp and refreshing to drink.

This is definitely one of the better session IPAs I’ve had this year. It was really crisp, juicy, and perfectly balanced for a session ale. Not only is the ABV tuned down for this session, but so is everything else. The bitterness won’t crush your palette, and the flavors wont become overwhelming. Its a really well balanced, and well brewed session IPA. This is what all sessions should be modeled after. Typically when you drink a session beer its because you want more than a few, however in my opinion that doesn’t only mean the beer should just have a lower ABV; I would also like something with light flavors, but not so much to the point where its water. It seems some brewers overcompensate with bittering hops in sessions, and that can overwhelm your palette. I like something smooth and balanced, like this here session ale by Foreign Objects. These guys really nailed this one down! Its not heavy, and its not at all too light.

Bottoms up!

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