A Briefing On Backward Flag Brewing Co.

So today I had the honor of talking to Torie Fisher, owner of Backward Flag Brewing Company in Forked River, New Jersey. brewery pic

Torie was born in Fort Polk, LA and was an Army brat. She moved around a lot and at the young age of 17 she did the same as her father had done and wrote a blank check to our country and joined the U.S. Army. Very shortly after that she was deployed to Iraq with the 1st Armored Division doing combat communications near Sadr City.

After that Torie took a short break from the military and then rejoined and became a crew chief with the 1-150th Air Assault flying in UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters. Torie had a guy in her unit that was a homebrewer. She was always into beer and then tried homebrewing and she was hooked.

Three years ago she opened Backward Flag Brewing Co. Today she is cranking out beer, making recipes for new beer, and is fully embedded in the business. Nothing is easy and nothing worth it usually ever is. When Torie talks about how she started and learning how to manage all the different hats you wear as a business owner you can tell she stood up Backward Flag on her own with no ladder, just an unshakable will to succeed. She has a warrior’s heart. Flight crew mission

This weeks cans of Operation Restored Warrior IPA will be in almost all of our Bottle King locations. It is an IPA brewed with dragon fruit, has an ABV of 6.8% and comes in a 16oz 4-pack cans. The label art is awesome. It is part of the Forward Assault Series which is a different beer every month tied to a different Veteran charity. 10% of all the sales of the Forward Assault Series goes to the charity on the label that month. So just purchasing that beer every month you are giving back to our Veteran’s. This month it’s Operation Restored Warrior, October its Backpacks for Life, and so on. It’s a way for Torie to bring awareness to our Veteran’s and give back at the same time. There is a lot going on with Backward Flag Brewing, hence the New York Giants are carrying the beer on tap for all the games this season. When you’re at the stadium get yourself a nice pint of Oak Armored Pale Ale and enjoy a damn good beer.

In October Backward Flag’s beer will be getting distributed state wide to your local Bottle King and you will be able to enjoy more than just the Forward Assault Series. Look for it in our stores and know that you are helping out a Veteran who went over the horizon to protect us and is now back home making some awesome beer and helping our warrior’s in the process. Cheers to you Torie, Thank You. Tor and Hawk.jpg

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