Omnipollo – Oaxaca

Syle: India Pale Ale

ABV: 6.5%

“Omnipollo is an award winning beer producer that was founded in 2011 by Henok Fentie and Karl Grandin.
We conceive our recipes at home and travel to different breweries across the globe to craft our ales. Our ambition is to change the perception of beer — forever.” – Omnipolloomnipollo .jpg

Oaxaca is considered a mango margarita slush IPA brewed with lactose sugar, mango, lime, grapefruit, and vanilla. This murky yellow/orange beer lends no head, but fills your nose with aromas of vanilla cream, citrus, catty, and what I perceived as a tartness from raspberries. Subtle yet noticeable flavors of citrus, mango, papaya, and tamarindo hit your taste buds first, blending into a clean vanilla burst making it seem almost cream-like. There is a slight bitterness in the finish with a touch of spice possibly from the vanilla. The body is light and dry, with high carbonation. There is no sweetness or tartness which the aroma made me believe there would be.

Is this a milkshake IPA? I’d say far from it. Is it a good IPA? Sure, its super tasty and easily chug-able. When I hear “slush IPA” or “Milkshake IPA” I think of something with a bit of body to it, something “thicc”. This beer falls short of that. Don’t get me wrong, this is truly a great and delicious beer. The flavors come off a bit light, but everything is balanced out well, and its easily drink-able with just enough flavor packed in it to not become overwhelming.

Bottoms up!

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