Ferme de Romilly Cidre Rosé

Style: Cidre de Normandie Rosé

ABV: 4.4%


By order of Emperor Charlemagne, the farmers of 9th century France planted apple orchards throughout what was soon to become Normandy. The Romilly farm was then founded and began a thousand year tradition of producing artisanal ciders with the complexity of a fine Bordeaux, the elegance of champagne and the refreshment of a beer. Relying on 25 varieties of heritage apples, ancient farming methods and fine French culinary techniques, the cidre you hold in your hands is a masterpiece of the cidermakers’ art. This is true hand-crafted cidre without additives (not even water!) gently effervescent from wild Norman yeasts and skilled aging. We are proud to bring it from the fog-shrouded cliffs of the Normandie coast to America. Drink history! ” – Romilly Cidre

Cider fan or not, if you’re a freak about funk, you’re going to love this cider. This cider poured with a rose-gold almost rust colored body. It had a foamy head but that dissipates real quick. Medium carbonation, and a thin body makes this an easy drinker. The nose was filled with cumin, saline, funk, hay, and an old barnyard or possibly your grandmothers cellar. On the first sip you’re hit with a red apple sweetness, but that quickly turns into a deep rooted funk, with notes of must, hay, dirt, rubber hose, dead leaves, and other decaying natural matter from the forest floor. This all transitions into a crisp, dry finish with fresh apple flavor in the eructation.

One colleague said, “It tastes as if they buried apples in the soil, let them rot, dug them up, and then made cider.” I don’t disagree with that, yet I find this cider extremely intriguing. Its so ugly you can’t turn away. I am repulsed, yet so captivated by its flavor. Maybe because I haven’t had something this interesting, or different in a long time. It’s refreshing to the palate and to the mind.

Bottoms up!

Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 Pints!

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