StillWater Brewing ‘Yacht’ VS. Carton Brewing ‘Sit Down Son’

StillWater Yacht:

  • Style: Dry-Hopped Session Lager
  • ABV: 4.2%

Carton Brewing:

  • Style: Dry-Hopped Session Lager
  • ABV: 4%

Two fairly big names in craft beer go head to head in a battle over session beers. The story goes Stillwater Brewing made a dry-hopped session lager, and named it “Yacht.” Now if you’re unaware, Carton Brewing has a session ale named “Boat.”  So when Stillwater came out with Yacht, fans of Carton spoke out and suggested to lawyer up. Augie Carton of Carton Brewing thought differently and answered, ““I’ll treat it like the greats do when someone bites a rhyme.” And so Augie set out with Smuttynose Brewing to collab and create a pale dry-hopped session lager, “Sit Down Son” to go up against Stillwater’s Yacht. If you ask me, the whole thing is silly. You have a session lager and a session ale…two totally different beers. You have Boat, and you have Yacht…yes, a boat could be a yacht, and a yacht is a boat. However an ale is not a lager and vice versa. Although I guess you can lager an ale. Anyway, the point is, I highly doubt Brian Strumke of Stillwater set out to create a beer to top Cartons ‘Boat’ Beer in anyway.

stillwater-artisanal-yacht-web v2 carton_sitdownson web v2

“You can be ridiculous and call lawyers, or you can do what we all came here to do and treat it as a call to step up creatively. Nas and Jigga were never better than the early aughts”, says Augie Carton.

Today we’ll be trying out both beers, side by side, to see which contender fires off a better beer, and who crawls out on top.
Stillwater’s Yacht poured gold and retained a head to the last sip. Aromas of pretzel, and hay were dominate. Flavors of sweet corn, dry grass, and floral notes were all upfront, while subtle notes of nuttiness sat on the back-end, finishing with a semi-dry bitterness. Yacht held a light body with low to medium carbonation.

Carton’s Sit Down Son, poured a straw color and was just a tad bit hazy, and the head dissipated pretty quickly. I found it was less going on then Yacht did, especially in the aroma. You’ll catch subtle whiffs of crackers, herbal notes, and a little catty. Not much bitterness was truly detected, but it did have a nice dry crisp finish, thin body, and moderate carbonation. This beer drinks with some earthiness to it balanced lightly toasted bread, and I even got some un-buttered popcorn in there.

Both of these beers are really good lagers. They’re easy to crush multiple cans in a single session, and they’re thirst quenching. Yacht was more malt accented when compared to the Sit Down Son. I’ll have to admit I enjoyed the flavors of Stillwater’s Yacht a lot more. Cartons beer just didn’t really do it for me. Yacht seemed more complex with a rounder body. However, this is just my opinion, I wouldn’t say either beer is better than the other. They’re both really well brewed session lagers. 10/10 I would drink either beer on a yacht. And Augie, I think you handled this quarrel perfectly. I think we need more “beef” like this happening in the craft-beer world.

Bottoms up!

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