Crooked Stave – St. Bretta

ABV: 5.2%

IBU: Unknown

Colorado artisan brewery, Crooked Stave, is the sort of brewery that pays extra attention to detail. They understand that the freshest ingredients will make huge differences in their beers taste. This sort of characteristic in a brewery will really set them apart from the pack, as many breweries now are just concerned with producing a beer and getting it out to the consumer as quickly as possible. Crooked Stave works closely with the land and community, and uses ingredients which are mostly produced in Colorado. Their endeavor is to create quality beer with quality ingredients while remaining a sustainable brewery. They are looking out for their land just as much as they looking out for their customers.

“From our humble beginnings, we embraced creativity and variation, while always striving to make quality our focus. Today we are proud to say we work closely with many of the farmers and skilled craftsmen who produce the ingredients we regularly use. We brew with Colorado floor malted barley as our base malt, produced exclusively for us by Leopold Bros Distillery, we feature Colorado grown hops in many of our recipes, and work meticulously with whole fruit and only whole fruit, most of which is grown in Colorado. This attention to detail and stewardship for the land produces beers of extraordinary quality and is unmistakable in everything we produce. As a modern artisan brewery with a quality driven focus, we strive to progressively blend science and art through creativity and following our passion. We are committed to operating as a profitable and sustainable brewery, which spurs innovation through encouraging the sharing of ideas in an open environment, a commitment that is further reflected through our marketing and community involvement.” – Crooked Stave

Crooked Stave’s St. Bretta is a Saison brewed with citrus fruits, coriander, and lemongrass, and is then fermented with their house mixed culture of Brettanomyces or Brett for short. Saison, French for ‘season’ is a pale ale which tends to be highly carbonated, spicy, fruity, and usually bottle conditioned. Crooked Stave leaves this beer unfiltered, and adds a touch more yeast prior to canning to maintain this beers freshness. This Saison pours a light hazy gold with a big white frothy head that sits on top releasing aromas of lemon-pepper, lemon peel, and sage. An electric mix of herbs and flower petals combined with lemon peels, freshly ground coriander, and white pepper dance in sync with each other. A low to medium tartness from the Brett is balanced with subtle hop bitterness. High attenuation in this beers contributes to its dryness.

This beer is exquisitely refreshing with tropical fruit notes being the main focus. It is an energizing ale awakening all of your senses. The slight tartness makes this beer seem a tad sweet cutting through some of the dryness. While not quite a session ale, the moderately low ABV should allow you to have more than one of these in a sitting, which you’ll definitely want. Drinking it with food? It will pair well with chicken teriyaki and pineapple, or a fatty fish such as tuna or salmon.

Bottoms up!

Beer Buyer overall rating: 4 out of 5 pints!

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