Carton – G.O.R.P. Trail Ale

ABV: 8.4%
IBU: 28
SRM: 42

Carton Brewing was started by cousins Chris, and Augie Carton down by the Jersey shore where they were both born and raised. The cousins found their warehouse that would house their 15-barrel brew system, and they started to brew beer with flavors found all around them. Such as todays beer, G.O.R.P., which is a beer brewed with flavors from the age old favorite trail mix.
“Chris and Augie grew up as neighbors next to the hiking trails of Hartshorne Woods Park. Back then, trail mix was called G.O.R.P., standing for Good Old Raisins and Peanuts, which described it perfectly. Familiar and dependable, G.O.R.P. trail mix was a combination of clean and complimentary flavors appropriate for being out on the trails. With G.O.R.P. beer, we evoke recollections of fun and flavors of the trails by adding peanuts and chocolate to a robust porter base that is then fermented on black raisins. Drink G.O.R.P. because it is fun to take the mix off the trail.” – Carton
G.O.R.P. was brewed with peanuts, chocolate, and a mix of malts, and then it is fermented on a bed of raisins so that it doesn’t become too sweet. The aroma on this beer is everything reminiscent of trail mix. You get the nuttiness atop of raisins, molasses, and subtle chocolate. A big, fluffy, soft mocha head thins out quickly leaving subtle lacing for the first few sips. A smooth medium body lends notes of dried dark fruits upfront with subtle notes of peanuts, toffee, and roasted chocolate. There is slight heat in the finish followed by some bitterness that lingers until your next sip.
It’s nice to drink a beer with all these flavors going on, yet it doesn’t taste artificial in any way. Carton obtained these flavors just by their malts, and using dehydrated peanuts, and actual raisins. This beer is extremely well balanced, not too sweet, and light enough to have more than just one. Grab a 4-pack, load it in your backpack, and take a hike!
Bottoms up!

Beer Buyer Rating: 4 out of 5 pints!

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