Sixpoint Righteous Ale

• ABV: 10.5%
• Canned: March 7, 2018

Sixpoint opened doors in 2004 in Red Hook, Brooklyn. At first, it was a draft only brewery, until 2010, when they started to can their first beers. Then, canned craft beers were few and far between. Sixpoint took into consideration that the best place to store beer is a keg, so they created their nanokeg and put all their beers into cans blocking out all damaging light. Instead of following strict guidelines for beers styles, Sixpoint goes against the grain. When they sit down to create a beer, they think about how they want that beer to taste, smell, look, and feel, and then they set out to create it. this is their philosophy which they call, “Mad science”.

“After years of tinkering with small batch, we went all in on this barrel fleet. Hundreds of Woodforde Reserve Rye barrels from and Widow Jane Bourbon barrels house the precious liquid that makes up Sixpoint’s second ever network wide barrel-aged release.” –Sixpoint

Righteous Ale offers aromas of toasted biscuits, raisins, oak, and tobacco. The tan head was thin, but creamy looking, and stuck around till the final drop. The amber body on this beer is a bit thin, however it remains super velvety, and soft, making it easy to drink. This could be dangerous though with a 10.5% ABV that is almost undetectable. On the palate you get notes of pepper and dark fruits leading into a buttery finish. Mellow oak flavors from the two different barrels balance with hints of spice from the three different types of rye used for this beer. As the beer warms you’ll start to notice subtle notes of vanilla.

This is a perfect beer if you’re in the mood for a “big beer” with hardly any bite, something low in carbonation, and full of flavor. Enjoy on a brisk night, perhaps in front of a fireplace or bonfire. And remember, stay RIGHTEOUS!
Bottoms up!

Beer Buyer overall rating: 4 out of 5 pints


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