Half Acre Gone Away IPA

Based on the Northside of Chicago, Half Acre Brewing has just recently made its way to New Jersey and started arriving in our stores. Since starting in 2008 they operate two breweries, one on Lincoln Ave that features there original tap room, a retail store and a kitchen. Their second location on Balmoral was built in 2015 and the just recently opened Tap room and Garden. I had the chance to visit the Lincoln Ave location while in Chicago this past summer and recommend it to any one visiting the area. Plenty of different styles beers on tap along with some killer homemade potato chips from their kitchen.

www.halfacrebeer.comThis beer has classic IPA heft. Many hop forward beers of the modern are defined by omission.  GoneAway shines from raw material impact on both sides of the equatorial flavor hemispheres. Big grapefruit, green strawberry, resin, pine, dank, light honey, cracker, tropical mango/guava, assertive bitterness, pine sap, clean, dry finish.

ABV: 7%  IBU’s: 60

Head: Small of white head, fades quickly. The pour is slightly cloudy with an orange hue and mild carbonation.

Nose: Mostly floral with sharp pine, plenty of hops and a little bit of lemon and tropical fruits.

Palate: Medium Bodied and smooth. Hops show the most with a slight resin like feel. The finish is crisp with a good acidity.

Overall: Really tasty stuff, everything you want in a hop forward IPA while staying very drinkable. I was excited when I heard this was making its way to New Jersey after trying a handful of their beers in Chicago and looking forward to more to come.

 Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Pints

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