The Hop Concept Tropical & Juicy

Port Brewing and The Lost Abby have been around for over a decade now and in that time have a created pretty unique brands. While they make many different styles of beer, IPA’s played a major role in there growth over the years and now as a joint venture they are starting a new concept focused solely on IPA’s. The Hop Concept Freshener Series aims at simplifying IPA’s by telling you exactly what to expect on the label and using new hop combinations. Each release will be quarterly, sold in 22oz bottles with different hop combinations and meant to be consumed as fresh as possible.“Aromas of floral citrus and mango dominate this release. While the flavor leads with a burst of bright papaya, pineapple and tangerine, and finishes with hints of spice from the hops and a clean, sweet malt undertone.”

ABV: 8.5%  IBU’s: 85

Pour: A clear orange color, slight haziness. A medium off white head lingers before fading away.

Nose: Lots of citrus fruits from the start, mostly grapefruit and oranges with some tropical notes. Fair amount of pine with a little bit of malt.

Palate: Super juicy, exploding with fruit notes. More mango flavors than grapefruit and oranges but plenty tropical fruits here coming together. Good amount of pine with some resin, little bit of malt before a clean finish.

Overall: With IPA’s being one of the most popular styles of beers out there, most brewers are looking for a way to take them to the next level. This was nice throwback to a simpler style with a focuse on the hops and freshness. The name pretty much sums it all and the label was right on the nose, Tropical & Juicy.

Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 3.7 out of 5 Pints

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