Firestone Walker Krieky Bones

Firestone-Walker-BarrelWorks-Krieky-BonesSince 1996, Adam Firestone and David Walker have been producing amazing beers in California’s Central Coast. The Paso Robles brewery has won Best Mid-Size Brewery at four of the last five World Beer Cups. Renowned for crafting iconic pale ales and pioneering barrel-aged beers, they have a portfolio of nearly two dozen year round & seasonal brews.

Krieky Bones is part of Firestone’s Barrel Works line and is sold in 375ml bottles. It begins as a Flanders Red, then aged in oak with sour cherries during the secondary fermentation.

Pour: A beautiful deep crimson color, slight hazy with lots of carbonation swirling up.

Head: A small cream colored head forms, stays thin and lingers for a bit.

Nose: Stacked with cherry notes, with hints of wheat in background. You can smell the tartness.

Palate: Tart, almost lip puckering. Light-bodied with candied berry notes and sour cherries. Almost no acidity on the finish keeps it clean and really lets the sourness take over.

Overall: Wow, this is great stuff. Sour Ales are everywhere, but not all have that deep tartness that coats your tongue. This brew was tart but still had great flavor and balance, the cherry notes really pulled it all together. This would play with a light summer salad, gumbo and of course cherry pie!

Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 5 Out Of 5 Pints

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