Allagash White

allagash-whiteAllagash Brewing Company started in 1995 as a one-man operation in a small space on the outskirts of Portland, Maine. Founder Rob Tod had worked in a brewery before, and recognized a void within the craft brewing movement. He designed a small 15-barrel brew-house, gathered the finest array of authentic raw materials, and began his quest towards the production of traditional Belgian style ales. Today, Allagash is known coast-to-coast for an amazing portfolio of delicious Belgian inspired brews.

Allagash White is a Belgian style wit beer. This lighter style wheat beer stands out due to a double fermentation brewing style. This brew is first fermented in tanks and cooled, then before being bottled a small amount of yeast and sugar are added for a second fermentation in the bottle.

Pours a hazy light yellow with a soft head. The head dissipates moderately leaving behind a nice lacing on the glass.

The nose has big spice notes. Coriander and orange peel are center stage with notes of clove in the background. Some slight fruity notes, like bananas and lemons are present followed by a nice maltiness.

It has a lighter to medium body and the cloves show on the first sip. This leads to fruit notes of oranges and bananas followed by a mild sweetness from the malt. There is a slight acidity from the citrus fruits not much hoppy bitterness.

A great year round selection and refreshing during unseasonably warm temperatures. If you’re a fan of Blue Moon or Shocktop and looking to try something new, you won’t be disappointed. This beer goes great with seafood, from fish and chips to lobster rolls. No surprise there with this beer coming from the heart of Maine.

The Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 4.0 Out of 5 Pints

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