Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

Over the river, and through the woodsbrooklyn-black-choc over ANOTHER river, you will find Brooklyn Brewery. Starting with their flagship Brooklyn Lager, the portfolio of Brooklyn Brewery has grown to a wide-ranging collection of beers, always keeping an eye to traditional brewing techniques, even as Brewmaster Garrett Oliver and his team seek to push the boundaries of beer. The Black Chocolate Stout, a seasonal offering, is one of my favorite releases from the brewery.

ABV: 10.0 %

Pour: BLACK! Not just a clever name here.

Head: Tan/ light brown with copper notes.

Nose: Chocolate…like walking into a fresh candy shop! Also picked up notes of cream soda. It took me a few minutes to identify that one, but it is there….I swear.

Palate: Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate. The cream soda made an appearance here as well. Hints of roasted coffee.

Finish: Chocolate syrup, classic toffee notes, and a hint of ginger come through on the finish.

Overall: Haven’t had this one in a while, but it was nice to get reacquainted. Lots of chocolate going on here. I don’t want want to say that it is one dimensional because that would not be accurate, but the chocolate really takes the wheel on this one. Grab yourself a 6 pack (new packaging…used to be a 4 pack).

Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 4 Out Of 5 Pints

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