Sixpoint Crisp Lager

sixpoint-crisp-lagerBrooklyn has become the new hot spot, and the beer culture is no exception. It seems like a new brewery opens weekly, but there are a few that paved the way for others. Sixpoint is one of those breweries.

Founded in 2004 with six core offerings, 12 seasonal and rotating offerings, and dozens of specialty concoctions, Sixpoint has mastered crafting old-world classics with modern flavors and materials.

Their Crisp Lager is no exception. At its heart it’s a classic lager but can also give off the feeling of an old world Czech Pilsner. This brew pours a clear pale gold color, with plenty of carbonation. A frothy white head slowly dissipates with time leaving a fair amount of lacing behind.

On the nose is a pure malty profile and has a particularity clean scent to it. Light fruit notes mix with an earthy almost grassy aromas with a sharp hop finish.

On the first impression it shows more as an old world pilsner then a lager. A medium body with smooth doughy malt profile balanced out by the hops. Finish is clean and crisp, mildly bitter but refreshing and easy drink.

Overall an interesting merger of two classics, has the weight and appearance of a lager but with the profile of a pilsner. Classic and refreshing but updated with some modern ingredients and a few twists. One of the great things about lagers is its versatility with food. A great match for soft to semi hard cheeses, BBQ pork sliders and mussels.

The Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Pints

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