Ironbound Hard Cider

ironbound hard ciderNew Jersey has a long history of growing apples and cider making, which dates all the way back to George Washington.

200+ years later, the Orchardists at New Ark Farms decided to take a radically different approach to apple farming and Ironbound Cider was born. At New Ark “regenerative farming” provides the land with what it needs to prosper naturally. No chemicals are used, rather they use natural process by encouraging insects and bio-organisms to bring the nutrients to produce beautiful fruit without exhausting the land.

This cider pours a very slight yellow, almost clear body. Plenty of carbonation swirls from the bottom of the glass all the way to the top. On the nose is pure apples, with a slight natural sweetness.

This cider is light and crisp, plenty of natural apple flavors and a smooth carbonation give way to an almost champagne like mouth feel. The finish is clean with a slight acidity. This cider falls right in the middle of the sugary six packs filling the shelves and the ultra-dry ciders produced by other craft producers.

Overall this was a fantastic cider. The crisp finish mixed with natural sweetness makes this ultra-refreshing to enjoy in the fall or year round. Try grabbing a six pack before your next tailgate along with your favorite craft beer.

The Beer/Cider Buyer Overall Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Pints

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