Weyerbacher Mellow Monk

mellow-monkWeyerbacher Brewing Company is a microbrewery in Easton, Pennsylvania founded in 1995 by Dan and Sue Weirback, known for their “huge taste” beers. Most of their brews are high in alcohol and Weyerbacher is a pioneer of aging beer in wooden barrels previously used for aging bourbon. Bigger styles of beer (barleywines, stouts and Quads in particular) aged in wood barrels are left a more complex flavor profile and have been a big hit among craft beer aficionados and whiskey drinkers alike.

The Weyerbacher Mellow Monk is a sessionable take on their Merry Monks. A Belgian style ale with an ABV of 4.5%, with refreshing fruit notes.

This brew pours a nice hazy golden with plenty of carbonation swirling in the glass. Maintains a small head that stays frothy for the first couple of sips. Has the look of a heavy pilsner with no lacing.

On the nose there are slight fruit notes, mostly banana with apple, and also a nice aroma of herbs. Followed by some malty notes giving of nice aromas of a doughy almost biscuit like character.

The taste is on the softer side with a subtle sweetness and just a touch of bitterness. Not as much fruit as on the nose but the banana still seep through. It has a smooth malt flavoring, not as intensive as in some other Belgian style beers but still plays well with the light sweetness.

Overall this is a solid drinking beer. It has some similarities to its bigger brother Merry Monks but still stands on its own. The release of this beer comes at a time when some days may call for a more summery style brew, while some nights lean more towards a fall/Oktoberfest style. At a low ABV it still has enough body for chilly September nights. This would be a great pairing for grandma style pizza, roasted ham or fruit tart.

The Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 3.5 Pints out of 5

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