Flying Dog Fever Dream: Mango Habanero IPA

Flying Dog Fever Dream: Mango Habanero IPASometimes inspiration strikes when you least expect.

In 1983, George Stranahan and group of friends decided to climb K2. The story goes that about halfway up, they used almost of all of their provisions. They made it back safely they settled into a local hotel in Pakistan, that’s where an oil painting of a flying dog planted the idea of a craft brewery. Seven years later, George opened the first brewery in Aspen, one of the first brewpubs in the Rocky Mountains.

Today, the brewery boasts an extensive portfolio of over 2 dozen beers and one of their most recent releases is an IPA brewed with mango and habanero.

This beer pours a rich but hazy amber-golden color. A small eggshell white head lingers with some moderate lacing.

There’s a lot going on here. Rich pine notes, with some smooth fruit notes. Mango and peach lead but additional tropical notes jump out. Small hints of habanero are present, but take a back seat to the citrus and hop notes.

Lots of flavors hit the palate. A more medium body IPA with a resin characteristic that grips the tongue. Not much habanero on the palate, but some heat is masked by a malty sweetness. The finish sees more of the spicy flavor,  not overbearing just a subtle kick on the finish.

This a great beer for someone looking to start trying the pepper infused brew trend. Has classic IPA flavors, a touch of warming heat with some sweet mango notes to pull it all together. Wasn’t as intense of some of the habanero beers on the market but still has some kick to stand out. A nice pairing with some fried chicken, fresh fish tacos or a sharp cheddar and Triscuits.

The Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 3.5 Out of 5 Pints

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