Dogfish Head SeaQuench Ale

Dogfish-Head-Sea-Quench-Ale-BottleFounded in 1995, Dogfish Head could be one the most recognizable craft beer brands in the United States. Located in Milton Delaware and founded by Sam Calagione, they brew around 175,000 barrels of beer a year (that’s over 5 million gallons!). Known for their “off centered ales,” their wide ranging portfolio is geared towards unique and non-traditional recipes. Dogfish often collaborates with other brewers and people outside the beer industry and has been featured on several documentaries and T.V shows.

The SeaQuench Ale is a craft beer Frankenstein, combing 3 traditional German styles of beer: Gose, Berliner Wiesse, and Kolsch. All three are first brewed individually and then mixed in a fermentation tank to create the final product. This is also made in a “session” style keeping the ABV low.

This brew pours with a hazy golden color with a 2 finger, thin white head. The head dissipates quickly with almost no lacing left behind and has a nice bubbly carbonation to it. A really solid looking beer.

On the nose the lime is really prominent and runs right out of the glass. The background has additional aromatics of lemon, orange and a touch of coriander. A soft sweetness gives way to a light malty note.

The first sip gives way to a balanced sweetness, but has more of a lemon flavor up front. A little more malt then expected but not brash and is smoothed out by an earthy, almost briny characteristic. The tartness is mellow and crisp, while the lime and citrus leaves your mouth feeling refreshed.

Overall this is a really interesting brew. Dogfish is no stranger to mixing things up, and this continues with their new SeaQuench Ale. A great summer beer that’s refreshing and begs to be paired with fresh seafood. While this beer may be geared toward the summer months, we wouldn’t mind having a few in the winter when those summer days seem too far away.

The Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 4.5 Pints out of 5

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