Long Trail Cranberry Gose

Long Train Cranberry GoseThe first batch of Long Trail Ale rolled off the line in 1989. Back then the brewery, known as the Mountain Brewers, was a modest brew house tucked into the basement of the Old Woolen Mill in Bridgewater Corners. The goal was to brew an affordable, American-made alternative to the pricey German and English exports that filled the shelves.

Today Long Trail is a household name from coast to coast. Brewing over two dozen different beer yearly Long Trail has something for everyone! One of their newest additions to their year round line up is a Cranberry Gose, brewed with cranberries from the Bluewater Farms in Massachusetts.

The beer pours a cloudy light pink color. The thin white head dissipate almost instantly and leaves behind no real lacing to speak of. The carbonation is visible in the pour with tons of tiny bubbles rushing to the surface.

The nose offers mild notes of cranberry and lemon fruits. There is a hint of salinity as well as a non-descriptive “sour” note. Some coriander spice is also noticeable.

The palate delivers on what the nose promised. A refreshing cranberry note is discernible right away. There is a hint of citrus and a noticeable salinity as well. The coriander is less potent on the palate. There is an undeniable tartness but this beer is not as dry or sour as many others.

A great twist on a traditional Gose. This beer is further proof that Long Trail knows how to craft enjoyable and quaffable beers. Try pairing this one with Queso Fresco, shrimp and watermelon salad or lemon cranberry mousse. 3 out of 5 Pints

The Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 3.0 Pints out of 5

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