Bolero Snort KOW Lime Pie Session Ale

Bolero Snort KOW Lime PieBolero Snort Brewery is one of North Jersey’s latest entrants to the craft beer world. The brewery strives to create hand-crafted ales and lagers that are influenced by both traditional and emerging styles with their own bold spin. From their year round offerings to their specialty releases they keep turning heads in the craft beer community.

One of their newer releases is a Key Lime Session Ale brewed with cinnamon, vanilla and of course key limes.

The beer pours a light and very hazy yellow color. The thin white head settles quickly and leaves nothing much in the way of lacing.

Aromas of key lime leap from the glass. In addition to the key lime you will find hop notes of citrus and pine. There is a non-descriptive sweet note hanging out alongside a hint of vanilla that helps to balance the lime and hop notes.

The palate gives you exactly what the nose promised with even more key lime goodness. The citrus and piney hop notes are discernible up front and sweet grain and vanilla notes make their appearance around the mid-palate. The finish showcases the key lime and adds a touch of the zest into the otherwise juice dominated flavor profile.

A balanced and delicious beer from Bolero Snort ,and a great pairing with blue cheese, grilled shrimp skewers or blackberry pie. PintRate-4

Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 4.0 Out Of 5 Pints

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