Flying Dog Mint Julep Ale

Flying Dog Mint Julep AleLocated in Frederick, Maryland, Flying Dog has been brewing well received craft beers since 1990. The brewery boasts an extensive portfolio of over 2 dozen beers and while their year round and seasonal products are loved by many it’s their “Brewhouse Rarities” collection that has everyone talking.

With each new release Flying Dog pushes the limits, creating one concoction after the next that amazes feller brewers and craft beer lovers alike. They recently released a Mint Julep Ale in honor of the Kentucky Derby. Okay, so the big race is a few week behind us but we decided to relieve the glory of the race by tasting one of these bad boys.

The beer pours a clear golden yellow color with a dense 2 finger white head. The head shows better than average retention and eventually dissipates to a light lacing a top the beer. The carbonation of the beer is notable with a steady stream of tiny bubbles rising in the glass.

On the nose aromas of fresh mint hit right off the bat and dominate the aromatic profile. A sweet honey note is also discernible along with aromas of subtle spice. The bouquet is rounded out with a hint of malt and earthy yeast aromas.

The palate follows the nose rather seamlessly. You notice bright and fresh mint right up front. On the heels of the mint is a honey-like sweetness that pairs perfectly with the mint and helps to elevate it. The light malty and yeasty notes hit around the mid-palate but remain secondary to the mint and honey. The finish provides notes of spice and wood that hint at a bourbon flavor profile. Altogether this is a refreshing and creative beer that definitely make one think of a Mint Julep.

Flying Dog never stops showcasing amazing creativity and pushing the limits of what we think of when we think of beer. This Mint Julep Ale would be the perfect pair for Brie cheese, pepper and mint marinated chicken kabobs or Mint Julep Gelées. 3.5 Out of 5 Pints

The Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 3.5 Out of 5 Pints

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