Victory Sour Monkey

Victory Sour MonkeyVictory Brewing Company opened its doors in 1996, and what once was a Pepperidge Farm factory became home to a 142-seat restaurant, 70-foot-long bar and a full-scale brewery. In its first year, Victory brewed 2500 barrels. Since then, they have increased the size of the restaurant to 300 seats, and the brewery produces 125,713 barrels of beer (2014). As loyal craft beer drinkers continue to show their dedication to flavorful, quality beer, Victory plans to continue its growth. One of their seasonal offerings is a Sour Brett Tripel fittingly named Sour Monkey.

The beer pours a slightly hazy light gold color. The one finger soapy white head shows decent retention. Once the head dissipates completely a light lacing remains a top the beer. The carbonation is notable with a steady stream of champagne like bubbles rising to the top of the glass.

Sour, yeasty and earthy aromas hit first and hit hard. Fruit notes of apple, white grape and citrus (namely lemon) come on the heels of the sour and yeasty aromas. Spice notes of pepper and clove mingle with the fruit notes. Aromas of pale malt and biscuits complete the profile.

On the palate sour and tannic elements are immediately followed by fruit notes of tart cherries, apples, lemon zest and white grapes. Pale malt and cereal like grainy notes follow the fruit wave. Funky Brett notes arrive next along with the spices from the bouquet including white pepper and clove. A pleasantly sour beer.

Victory delivers what it promises here – a sour beer, and a great “spin off” of Victory’s famous Golden Monkey. Try this one with chevre, steamed mussels or lemon curd and berry tartlets. 4 out of 5 Pints

The Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 4.0 Out of 5 Pints

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