Southern Tier Choklat Oranj

Southern Tier Choklat OranjSouthern Tier has been crafting quality brews in Lakewood, New York since 2002. Their Choklat Oranj, a stout brewed with chocolate and orange peels, is the fifth beer in their highly regarded Blackwater series. Like all the Blackwater Series, the Choklat Oranj has impressive scores boasting a 94 from Beer Advocate and a 98 from Rate Beer.

The beer pours a rich opaque black color, showcasing the beer’s impressive viscosity. The thin dark brown head dissipates at a moderate rate and leaves a sporadic lacing atop. The appearance is truly inviting.

The nose offers rich roasted malts highlighted by caramel, vanilla and of course rich, delicious and decadent chocolate. A light molasses note hides beneath the chocolate and is followed by a light char note. Adding complexity is the unmistakable smell of orange, similar to that of orange zest or oil.

The palate delivers exactly what the bouquet promised. Rich roasted malts combine with sweet molasses and caramel to provide a luscious backdrop for the star ingredients. The flavor of bittersweet chocolate is front and center along with notes of orange oil and zest. The finish brings all the flavors together in one glorious package.

Once again our friends at STBC have hit a home-run! A perfectly balanced beer that delivers exactly what is promised. If you like chocolate and you like orange, this is a must try. Try is with a nutty Parmesan, roasted turkey or bread pudding. PintRate-5

The Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 5.0 Out of 5 Pints

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