James Page Casper White Stout

casper white stoutJames Page always thought of himself as an adventurer. As the founder of one of America’s original craft breweries in 1986, James Page Brewing Company brewed bold and original styles of beers at a time when microbreweries were starting to emerge. They currently offer what they call “four new adventurous brews with a twist.” One their offerings is a white stout, appropriately named Casper.

The beer pours golden yellow with honey colored hues. The two finger soapy white head dissipates very quickly. Once the head completely dissipates, a thin sporadic lacing remains. A steady stream of small bubbles is notable in the glass.

Aromas of creamy vanilla similar to those found in vanilla wafer cookies dominate. White chocolate, cream soda and caramel aromas are also present. Toasted notes add another layer of aromatics, while a strong malt note provides some balance to all the sweetness.

The palate is sweet with creamy vanilla and white chocolate notes. A sweet almond note reminiscent of marzipan can be found along with a hint of the cream soda character from the bouquet. There is a touch of coffee but not the dark kind, the light and sweet variety. Malts are present, providing the necessary balance once again. The finish is surprising dry.

A very interesting beer! Think of a blondie vs. a brownie when trying to conjure what a white stout would taste like in comparison to a regular stout. James Page delivers what they promised, “an adventurous beer with a twist!” This would pair well with a nutty Parmesan, spicy BBQ beef or crème brûlée. 3.5 Out of 5 Pints

The Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 3.5 Out of 5 Pints 

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