Old Dominion Oak Barrel Stout

Old Dominion Oak Barrel StoutIn 1989, Old Dominion Brewing Company opened its doors to the public and was an immediate success. Word spread throughout the DC area like wildfire. Old Dominion’s loyal following continued to grow and soon became the craft beer of choice in many local pubs, restaurants, and supermarkets. Now, Old Dominion is practically a household name throughout the craft beer community. Their portfolio consists of over a dozen beers that range from light easy drinkers to dark sippers, and their Oak Barrel Stout is one of their darker offerings perfect for the impending colder weather.

The beer pours an opaque deep dark brown that appears almost black in the glass. The frothy cappuccino colored head shows notable retention. A light ring of lacing remains atop the beer once the head has dissipated.

Roasted aromas of coffee and nuts are wrapped around notes of toasted malts and dark chocolate. Creamy and sweet vanilla aromas highlight the rich and deep roasted and toasted notes. A hint of smoke (charred wood) is also notable.

The palate echoes the bouquet fairly well. Roasted coffee notes hit first with a hint of unsweetened chocolate. Roasted nuts piggy back on the coffee and chocolate notes. On the mid-palate there is a hint of smoke integrated with a plethora of toasted malts. The creamy and sweet vanilla notes from the bouquet can be found on the palate as well and provide balance to the darker flavors. The mouthfeel is somewhat silky and helps to create an even more pleasant drinking experience.

Old Dominion Oak Barrel Stout is a great beer. Showcasing simple complexity and amazing drink-ability this brew is the perfect pair for aged cheddar, smoked brisket sandwich with caramelized onions or cheesecake! 4 Out Of 5 Pints

The Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 4.0 Out of 5 Pints 

Please check with your local Bottle King store for current  inventory! 

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