Corsendonk Angus Tripel

Corsendonk Angus TripelWhile the monks of Corsendonk started a brewery in 1400, the abbey was closed by an Austrian ruler in 1784. In 1906 Antonius Keersmaekers founded a secular brewery to revive the monks’ brewing traditions. Antonius’ grandson Jef now continues the family tradition of brewing award-winning abbey ales, under a license from the current owners of the abbey. Corsendonk Angus Tripel is one of the brewery’s most famed beers, and is described as an Abbey Pale Ale.

The beer pours a hazy golden color with a two and a half finger soapy white head. The head shows decent retention and leaves an ample lacing once dissipated. The moderately high carbonation level is noticeable.

Aromas of sweet malts dominate the nose. A plethora of fruit notes mingle harmoniously with the malts. Noteworthy fruit notes include stone fruits (peach and apricot), orchard fruits (apple and pear) and white grape. There are light yeast and clove spice aromas as well. Floral, grassy and earthy hops notes add another layer of complexity to the bouquet.

The palate delivers what the nose set the stage for. Sweet bready and malt notes hit first along with fruit notes of apple, pear and white grape. On the mid-palate light clove and pepper spice notes play off the fruitiness and are highlighted by an underlying yeasty component. The finish showcases floral and earthy hop notes. Despite all the flavors that indicate sweetness the beer is dry, similar to a brut champagne.

Corsendonk Angus Tripel is another great Belgian beer to add to your list of beers to try. Corsendonk over delivers with this one! A great pair for aged gouda, chicken saltimbocca or an amaretto peach torte. 4 out of 5 Pints

The Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 4.0 Pints out of 5

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