Chimay Première – Red Label

chimay premiereThe Chimay brewery was founded inside Scourmont Abbey, in the Belgian municipality of Chimay in 1862. The brewery produces widely distributed ales and a patersbier exclusively for the monks. They are known as Trappist beers because they are made in a Trappist monastery. It was the first brewery to use the Trappist Ale designation on its labels.

As with all other Trappist breweries, the beer is sold only for the financial support of the monastery and good causes. The majority of the profit from the sales are distributed to charities for community development around the region. Chimay is one of the best known Belgian breweries in the United States and their Première “red label” is one of best-selling Dubbel style beers.

The beer pours an opaque amber brown with copper hues. It shows a bit of sediment. The two finger frothy off white head has amazing retention. The head dissipates extremely slowly and leaves a light lacing. The steady stream of rising bubbles is evidence of the beer’s high carbonation level.

Aromas of sweet toasty malts leap from the glass. Notes of sweet dark dried fruits like raisins and figs intertwine perfectly with the malt notes. White grape aromas add additional sweetness while a mild yeast aroma of fruity esters add complexity. There is a hint of clove spice rounding out the bouquet.

On the palate toasty malts dominate and remain the backbone of this beer throughout. Sour cherry and dark fruit notes hit you almost immediately. On the mid-palate you get sweet marzipan and spice notes with a hint of cocoa. The finish shows a mild bitterness that balances the beer beautifully.

Chimay has Begian beer making down to a science, showing what 150 years of experience will do for you! A great classic Dubbel from a great brewery. Pair this with braised pork, roasted asparagus or cherry cobbler. 4 out of 5 Pints

The Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 4.0 Pints out of 5

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