Magic Hat hI.P.A.

Magic Hat hIPAMagic Hat brewery of Burlington, Vermont was one of the first and most well-known craft breweries in the nation. After tasting their DeVEILed and their flagship # 9, we continue to tour the beers in the Night of the Living Dead Variety pack. The next stop is their hI.P.A.

hI.P.A. pours a hazy golden yellow with light orange hues. The one finger off white head dissipates quickly but leaves an impressive lacing behind. A moderate level of carbonation is apparent as tiny bubbles continue to rise in the glass similar to champagne.

Citrus fruit aromas of tangerine, ruby red grapefruit and a hint of candied lemon leap from the glass. Additional fruit aromas of tropical fruits add a slight sweet note. Piney hop notes are also extremely noticeable. A faint floral note of white flowers and citrus blossoms take a back seat to the fruit and pine notes.

On the palate flavors of citrus fruits, dominated by grapefruit, hit you right off the bat. There is a sweet malt backbone that it evident from start to finish and aids in providing balance. On the midpalate the citrus hop notes give way to piney resin and grassy notes. The finish showcases a columniation where the citrus once again dominates but doesn’t over power the pine and grass notes. The finish also shows a light floral hop note.

A true, uncomplicated I.P.A. This is a great easy drinker that isn’t over the top but still nicely hopped. The malt balance is a welcomed changed from some of the super bitter I.P.As. This would be a great pair for your favorite spicy Mexican dish or a lemon ginger cake. 3.5 Out of 5 Pints

The Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 3.5 Pints out of 5

Please check with your local Bottle King store for current inventory

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