Magic Hat DeVEILed

Magic Hat DeVEILedThe Magic Hat Brewing Company was founded in 1994 by Alan Newman and Bob Johnson in Burlington, Vermont. Since the early 90’s they have become one of the biggest names in craft brewing. With a huge portfolio of year round and seasonal brews, Magic Hat truly offer something for everyone’s palate.

They are also well known for their variety packs, which often feature specialty, rotating and seasonal brews. Night of the Living Dead is their current variety pack which contains three each of the following four beers: Séance, DeVEILed, hI. P. A. and the flagship No. 9. We are excited to taste our way through all four offerings. This week DeVEILed is in the spotlight.

The beer pours a dark amber brown. In the glass it appears a deep mahogany color with reddish/copper hues. The cream colored one finger head is quite frothy. There is minimal retention and barely any lacing.

On the nose you are slammed with notes of rich roasted malts. Along with the malt notes there are aromas of roasted nuts and caramel. A powerful aroma of dark ripe fruit (namely black cherry and fig) kicks in and harmoniously interacts with the caramel, nut and malt notes.

On the palate the aroma of the fruit is never realized. However, all is not lost. At first you pick up a sweet nutty caramel note. The caramel nuttiness stays and is met by deep, rich roasted malt notes. On the mid-palate a heavy smoky flavor is intertwined with a note of burnt coffee. It is also on the mid-palate where you detect earthy and piney hop notes that add a slight bitterness. The finish showcases much of the same with a light hoppy bitterness and an obvious robust smokiness.

DeVEILed is a very interesting beer with a lot going on. I think Magic Hat’s description sums it up fairly well, “A rich and robust amber ale. Hiding just beyond its malty core is a crisp, clean, hoppy aura that will open your eyes to the other side.” This would be a match made in heaven for a Smoked BBQ Brisket. It would also pair well with grilled portabella or bread pudding. 3 out of 5 Pints

The Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 3.0 Pints out of 5

Please check with your local Bottle King store for current inventory

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