Sixpoint 3Beans

Sixpoint 3BeansA limited Baltic Porter release, 3Beans clocks in at 10% alcohol by volume, making it the strongest widely released beer from Sixpoint. The brewery’s excellent Double IPA Resin, can boast only 9% alcohol by volume.

The beer pours a rich dark brown with some good-looking ruby highlights when held up to the light. Its head is off-white and maxes out at about an inch before receding. It leaves a thin layer of foam sitting on top of the beer in its wake.

There is coffee and dark roasted malt on the nose, with some phenolic character. Lacks the roasted, espresso bitterness found in Russian Imperial Stouts, though it claims similar alcohol content. Instead, a more pronounced chocolate sweetness asserts itself.

The beer is very smooth with mild carbonation. It’s quite rich and chocolatey with a pleasant bitter sweetness. The coffee does not come across as strongly in the beer as it did in the nose. The alcohol content is masked quite well and it does not come across as an overly boozy beer. While quite rich it lacks the syrupy qualities one can find in large dark beers, and the body is a bit lighter than one might have expected from the appearance of the beer. It finishes off-dry with a roasty bitterness.

An admirable effort from Sixpoint and quite different from anything they’ve put out to date. 4 out of 5 Pints

The Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 4.0 Pints out of 5

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