Saint Ambroise Oatmeal Stout

Saint Ambroise Oatmeal StoutMcAuslan Brewing began operations in January of 1989. Located at 4850 St-Ambroise Street in Montreal’s St-Henri district, it has established itself as Quebec’s foremost micro-brewery. The brewery has a very focused portfolio of brews that range from light to heavy. Having a focused portfolio allows McAuslan Brewery to perfect each and every offering they have.

St-Ambroise Oatmeal Stout was a welcomed changed to the fall seasonal beers and is perfect for the colder weather that is setting in. The beer pours a deep, dark brown that is almost black in color. In the glass it is as black as night. The head is a thick creamy brown with some staying power. It is evident upon just looking at the glass that the beer is full bodied with consistent carbonation.

On the nose dark roasted coffee with a touch of vanilla is the dominant aroma. Letting the beer sit for a while and returning to it, there is a light roasted nutty oat note that emerges.

On the entry the beer shows a mild sweetness. The flavor of almond biscotti is accented by a creamy texture reminiscent of fresh whipped cream. The sweetness quickly fades and the almond biscotti notes transition to a smoky, dark roasted almond note highlighted by unsweetened chocolate. The finish shows a rich espresso note that is in direct contrast to the initial entry.

St-Ambroise Oatmeal Stout is not super complex, but straightforward and everything that an Oatmeal Stout should be. It is a heavy beer that will warm you and fill you up. Drink slightly cooler than cellar temperature.

The Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 4 Pints out of 5

Please check with your local Bottle King store for current inventory

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