Newcastle Werewolf

Newcastle WerewolfNewcastle calls this brew the “formidable beast.” Available for the first time in New Jersey, Newcastle Werewolf was surprisingly a “formidable” beer. Newcastle Seasonal beers have been brewed in Edinburgh at the Caledondian Brewery starting in 2009, but their flagship Brown Ale has been in production (at a different site) since 1927.

Newcastle says the beer is naturally “blood red,” but that is a slight exaggeration of the true color. When the pour begins, it appears to be amber, but as it amounts in the glass there are definite red hues. The head is a thick creamy white and dissipates quickly.

On the nose, there is a dominate aroma that is reminiscent of white grape juice. After sitting for a little while, the initial sweet grape notes begin to fade and a light bready, nutty aroma emerges.

The mouthfeel is notably creamy. The carbonation level is slightly higher than most, masking some notes that might otherwise have been detected. The first discernible quality of this medium bodied brew is a strong malt character. The malt mixes with a light note of sweet red berries that give way to a mid palate of sweet almond notes. The nutty flavors linger and co mingle with a bitter hoppy note on the finish. The finish is comparable to that of an ESB.

It was surprisingly complex. Far more than expected from a widely distributed brand. Newcastle claims that the beer has “dual character” and after tasting, that claim is confirmed! There really are two+ sides to this beer. There is a slightly sweet “human” character commonly seen in a fruited Wheat Beer that is cut by the classic, bitter and “beastly” ESB flavor profile with a little bit of a typical Nut Brown Ale during the dramatic transformation. This is a great conversation beer and a must have for any Halloween party!3.5 Out of 5 Pints

The Beer Buyer Overall Rating: 3.5 Pints out of 5

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